Solving the Mystery of “The Zone”

We have all seen it. Quarterbacks completing pass after pass. Basketball players making shot after shot. Hockey goalies making save after save. We often say to ourselves, “they are on fire tonight” or “they are unconscious” or “they are in the zone”. How many times have we seen our favorite musicians and in particular favorite guitarists in the same place just playing every single note and phrase effortlessly as if the notes just flowed from them like a river? All of a sudden its not a guitar in their hands. Its an extension of their bodies. They have achieved what we ever to as “the zone”. But how many times have we as musicians and guitarists gotten to that place ourselves? This blog will help to demystify this thing called “the zone” and offer some insights as to how to train our minds and fingers to get there. Continue reading

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Fingerpicking 101 and Beyond Video Tutorial

In this instructional video, guitarist Richard W. Rossicone shows different right and left hand patterns to expand and improve your fingerpicking prowess.

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Modal Flavors Video Tutorial

Hey Everyone! Ready to spice up your lead playing a bit more and get your ear tuned up! Here I am demonstrating how different modes sound and feel over a droning open E note. The modes I use all have their roots from the E on the 12th fret. They are E major, E natural minor, E phrygian and E dorian. Enjoy and have fun…

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Fun With Arpeggios Video Lesson

Hey Everyone… Here I am defining and demonstrating the creative use of major scale arpeggios in the key of C major. It is actually a video extension of the Fun With Arpeggios lesson I posted a few months back.

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Fingerpicking 101 and Beyond

Hey Everyone. I would like to digress a bit in this blog. For the past few articles I have been writing about arpeggios across the fretboard. In this blog I would like to discuss basic fingerpicking patterns. One of the most rewarding musical experiences of my career occurred when I was playing classical guitar exclusively for about 10 years. The path was very demanding. The repertoire was a serious challenge and I practiced anywhere between 3 to 5 hours a day. The one thing I noticed about classical guitar that made it different from all the other styles of guitar was the emphasis on technique. Continue reading

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