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Richard W. Rossicone is a veteran of the New York City and Long Island original and cover band scene. He has been playing guitar since the tender age of 8 years old when he attended his first concert, KISS and saw Pete Townshend smash a guitar. He has studied with various instructors over the years which led him to a career in Music Therapy. He began his educational journey at Queensboro Community College where the faculty there opened up a new world to him by introducing him to classical music. He received his A.A. in Fine Arts in 1997 and from there went on to receive his B.A. in Music Therapy in 2001 and his M.A. in Music Therapy from New York University in 2004. He has been Board Certified as a Music Therapist since 2002. Hungry to learn more about different styles on the guitar, Richard decided to continue his studies at C.W. Post University pursuing a second Masters Degree in Classical Guitar Performance and Music History in early 2006, studying under Harris Becker. In addition to his “day job” as a music therapist, he has been teaching guitar, piano and theory part time since 2002 and in 2006 started his own company called Rossicone Music Studios. Richard has grown his business from 15 students a week to over 50 a week at this present time. Richard is also a contributing blogger to and Check out his blog page entitled The Complete Guitarist and visit him on Facebook at Richy Rossicone’s Complete Guitarist Page.

Unrealistic Expectations

Performance is the answer to resolving the internal battle that some classical guitarists experience. The more one performs, the less unrealistic expectations creep in. Moreover, the less one performs, the more the mind becomes filled with unrealistic views and fantasy. … Continue reading

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Letting Go: Using Your Influences To Find Your Own Voice

One of my many fine guitar students loves Slash. No, I mean he really really really loves Slash. During our lesson the other day, I mentioned other guitarists I felt he should be listening to in order for him have … Continue reading

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The Art of Practicing

We all know the old joke. A man is walking down the streets of Manhattan and someone approaches him for directions asking, “how do you get to Carnegie Hall?” The man replies back, “practice, practice, practice”. No truer words have … Continue reading

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Welcome to

Hello everyone and welcome to my website, dedicated to all things guitar. I wanted to create website that would be unique from the ones you may be used to. So I set out to create a site for guitarists and other … Continue reading

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